Cardiff 2014

Graduation Celebration in Cardiff 2014

It's been an unforgettable event for all German students when entering the festive hall of the Millennium Centre at this year's Graduation Celebration. In the course of the proceedings they were all asked on to the stage and as a unique feature were greeted and congratulated personally by the Vice-Chancler, Professor Medwin Hughes DL, for their achievements. There is nothing which can top this, as one of our students said. As one can imagine a lot of pictures were taken to capture this special day, although the weather was sometimes a litte be mixed.

To end this day cheerfully all German students, together with their accompanying partners, were invited by the German branch of the Wales Alumni Association to a celebration party at Henry's Cafe & Bar in the middle of Cardiff.  Helmuth Stahl, Alumni Officer and one of the first German students receiving an MBA then in Bangor back in 1993, welcomed them all and expressed his hope that quite a few of them might become active members. The evening showed everbody in relaxed and happy mood and at the end some of us were even dancing to the music of a very good singer and entertainer.